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    Welcome to the Twins Study @ Harvard

    The Twins Study @ Harvard is a long-term study of language development in twins, supervised by Jennifer Ganger, Ph.D., and Professor Steven Pinker, Ph.D. The goal of the project is to study identical and fraternal twins to determine the relative importance of nature and nurture in language development.

    NOTE: We have recently completed the current phase of our twin study of language development. Although we are no longer enrolling new twin families, we would love to keep your family's contact information in our database for future studies. If you're interested, please write us at twins@wjh.harvard.edu with the following information:
    1.) your first and last name,
    2.) the twins' first names and sex,
    3.) the twins' date of birth,
    4.) the best phone number(s) to reach you in the near future,
    5.) a phone number or address that is unlikely to change if you move (for example, the twins' grandparents).

    Twins information we have put together:

  • Are twins delayed in language development? (A review of relevant published studies.)

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    (Inclusion in this list does not constitute an endorsement.)

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    Cognitive Science at Harvard:

  • Harvard Department of Psychology
  • Twins Study @ Harvard Supervisor - Steven Pinker

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    If you have questions or comments, please e-mail us at twins@wjh.harvard.edu.